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Aqua Diving Academy
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Monday thru Friday 10-6

Saturday 10-2

Each Year Aqua Diving Academy arranges several exciting dive tours to exotic locations.

All of our tours are professionally organized and include Dive Masters and Insturctors, if necessary. Whether you have your open water dive certification or need instruction while we are away is no problem -- as they say on the islands, 'no worries.' We can arrange for you to complete your instruction prior to leaving for the trip, or you can take the course in the beautiful warm waters of our tropical destination. Of course, you can also begin your certification course here and finish up on the trip. Whatever works with your needs and schedule.

Trips are reasonably priced and many include food and transfers (check with us for all the details on each trip).

If you'd like to join us on a trip give us a call at 207.772.4200 and we can give you all the details.

Guanaja & Florida Specials

Trips starting from $900/week!
Call 207.772.4200 and ask for Lee for more details.

Underwater Photography

Several of our staff, as well as many of our customers, are avid underwater photographers.


See their photos...
DiveAssure Diamond

The most important thing we can stress at Aqua Diving Academy is safety and training.  But sometimes you can't train and practice and plan for everything that might come up.  That's why we recommend DiveAssure's Diamond comprehensive diving and travel insurance.


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